Sunday 5 March 2017

CTARC Report-Back on 4 March '17 Fleamarket 1 of 5

On Saturday 4 March (traditionally, the first Saturday in March), the CTARC held its annual Ham Radio Fleamarket / Car Boot Sale. This has grown over the years into the biggest event of its kind in the Western Cape.

At 11h00 the Committee started setting up the venue, food marquee, braai stands and PA system (which was kindly loaned to the club for the afternoon by Mike / ZS1FP). At 12h00 the vendors arrived and (officially, at least) the Fleamarket was opened by our chairman, Rob / ZS1SA, at 13h00.

The weather couldn't have been better and attendance was excellent (at least 70 radio hams were there). We had at least 21 vendors selling a very wide range of items, from minute individual semiconductors through to enormous QRO Linear Amplifiers. It was also a great chance to meet old friends and catch up on the news.

Cold refreshments and scrumptious boerewors rolls (ably cooked by Noel / ZS1FW, assisted by Nick) were served up by Anne, Elsabe and Sandy, who did sterling service throughout the afternoon.

Later on, Danny / ZS1BL announced the raffle to raise funds for the Repeater Working Group. Tickets went on sale throughout the afternoon. Matt / ZS1MJJ ran the raffle, one draw of which was won by Dave / ZS1DFR.

The event ended in the late afternoon after any hardware that was going to change hands had done so. The committee stayed to clean up and dismantle the fittings, and we all drove home with that nice warm feeling of having obtained:- the Bargain Of The Century / Unobtainable Rare Widget / Noticeable Vacuum in the Wallet / Reclamation (or loss) of Cubic Metres of Space back at the QTH (select where applicable)...

Huge thanks to the CTARC committee members who arranged and ran the event so smoothly. Thank you to the ladies for provisioning us all so efficiently. Thanks also to all the vendors who provided all the gear for sale. And thanks, of course, to all who attended, to make the event such an interesting and successful one. We look forward to doing it again next year!

Hylton / ZR1HPC and Rob / ZS1SA display some of the bits & pieces
the CTARC had up for sale at reasonable prices

Dirkie / ZS1X, Hans-Jurgen / ZS1HJH and Wolfgang / ZR1WLH

Mike / ZS1FP had an interesting assortment on offer
Here Mike displays his unique mode of transport...

Tom / ZS1AFS and Sue / ZS1AFR had some high-quality bits and pieces
on offer.

John / ZS1AGH had some serious rigs and linear amps for sale

Paul / ZS1S had a wide variety of goods

Karl / ZS1KC brought lots of interesting stuff

Some nice CW keys in the foreground.
Note the giant adjustable heat-sink on the right-hand-side.

Various objects, including a Nicad battery charger, valves, an ATU,
a heavy-duty DC-to-DC converter and a Function Generator

Hans / ZS1ALJ

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