Monday 7 February 2022

CTARC Forthcoming Mega Flea Market - 5 Mar 2022

Diarise the date NOW.

On Saturday, 5th March 2022, the CTARC will hold its annual Mega Radio Flea-Market and Car Boot Sale. The starting time for buyers and visitors is 12h00 SAST.

The venue, as always, will be the lawn in front of the clubhouse in Rondebosch.

This popular event has grown over the years into the biggest ham radio flea market in the Western Cape, so don't miss it! It's great opportunity to dispose of your surplus equipment, components and , accessories, and to pick up bargains galore.

Where the past two years have put a damper on the event with Covid anxieties and restrictions, we hope, as the situation appears to improve, that this year's flea market will be a good one. Even now, numerous radio amateurs are ransacking their piggy banks and assessing which rigs in their radio shacks must find a new home. And devising creative excuses for their better halves as to why they will have returned home with more items than when they left...

Further details will be announced, but certain requirements hold:

  • Sellers may set up their wares on their tables / car boots at the clubhouse lawn from 10h00;

  • A barrier tape cordon will define the selling area. Buyers are requested to wait for the official starting time of 12h00 before they plunge into the fray!...

  • The event is open to all radio amateurs and interested parties (not just CTARC members) to attend, buy and sell radio-related items;

  • Sellers must bring their own tables and chairs. The CTARC will use all its tables to display various donated club items for disposal;

  • All sellers must please pay a modest Seller's Fee to the Committee; Monies collected will go to CTARC club funds to offset expenses;

  • Parking in the market area in front of the clubhouse is limited to sellers only. There is plenty of other parking available on the tarmac off Laidlaw Lane, to the north-west of the clubhouse (see aerial photo)

  • Because of Covid precautions, food will not be on sale. Bring and braai your own food, please. Braai fires will be available. Ice-cold liquid refreshments will be on sale at the usual reasonable club prices;

  • Any and all equipment brought to the flea market and not disposed of must be taken home at the end of the meeting. The clubhouse cannot store any such equipment.

More details will be announced presently via WhatsApp, the Sunday Morning 08h30 bulletins and pn the CTARC Blogspot. We look forward to seeing you there!

Friday 4 February 2022

CTARC Fox Hunt - 26 Feb '22

Because our big Flea Market on the first week of March  takes place so soon after the usual fourth Saturday of the month in February, the CTARC will hold another Fox Hunt on Saturday, 26th February 2022. It will be held at or near the CTARC clubhouse.

Bring along your 2-metre band handies and fancy DF antennas! Even just a handie and a rubber-duck antenna will do. Ever since Rob ZS1SA revitalised interest in this fun activity last year, the foxhunts have encouraged increasing interest and have all been great fun. The recent December fox hunt organised by Peter ZS1PC was the best attended that the CTARC has ever held..

Will you be the first to find the hidden CW fox transmitter before the others do? Come along on Saturday and find out...

Further details will be announced close to the time on the Sunday morning CTARC Bulletins at 08h30.

Wednesday 2 February 2022

CTARC Ragchew - Feb '22

The February 2022 edition of Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre's bi-monthly newsletter "Ragchew"is now published. Grateful thanks to the editor, Anne, for another fine edition.

Remember please, Anne is always needs articles to publish in Ragchew! This is especially the case during the lock-down. Thank you to those numerous contributors in this edition!

You can advertise ham-related items - for sale, swop or wanted-to-buy - in Ragchew, including colour photos, details and prices. To do so, please contact the editor [here].

Download the February 2022 Newsletter as a PDF file [here];

Ragchew is also on our Newsletters Page