Sunday 5 March 2017

CTARC Report-Back on 4 March '17 Fleamarket 2 of 5

More photos...

Andre / ZS1F and Val

Don (on left) and Peter / ZS1JX (on right)

Solid old Sony boatanchor receiver

Hennie / ZS1HR had some very nice home-brew gear on offer

A unique adjustable antenna sits on top of a fine Akai tape recorder

Richard / ZS1RIC, (unknown), Andre / ZS1F, Mike / ZS1FP

Danny / ZS1BL, Richard / ZS1RIC and Hylton / ZR1HPC.
In the background, Noel / ZS1FW braai's the boeries.

Karl / ZS1KC, unknown (but pretty!) lady, and Raoul / ZS1C on the right

Steve / ZR1ACM (left) had some fine equipment for sale

Mystery objects in bakkies...

Hans / ZS1ALJ and Rassie / ZS1YT

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