Sunday 26 March 2017

CTARC Report-Back on Work Party 2/2 - 26 Mar '17

Here are some photos from the CTARC Antenna Work Party of  Saturday 25 March 2017.

The report-back write-up is [here]

Paul and Danny prep the antenna tower for lowering

Mast is lowered, resting on a ladder at a strategic point

Fritz chats with Hans-Jurgen and Wolfgang, who are assembling
the MFJ multi-band vertical antenna on the clubhouse floor

Lem and Chris measure up and check the troublesome
Firce-12 antenna's dimensions

In the foreground, Paul checks the Cushcraft Tribander's manual

Rob discovered some blackened coax connectors on a feedline that been
subjected to a bit TOO much power...

Lem does some last-minute reassembly on the antenna, now safe in its rack

Pieter shows Skippy what his antenna analyser can do

A choke balun on the base of  the MFJ vertical antenna

Hans-Jurgen works on the multi-band vertical antenna, which has been
set up on stands outside for ease of assembly

Skippy works on the long wire antenna which had suffered
misadventure a while back

Trap elements are gently sanded clean for good contact

Noel takes the opportunity to do some repairs to a clubhouse door

Noel, Hans-Jurgen and Wolfgang

Barry cranks up the telescopic element to get the antenna right up there

The analyser can be connected to a laptop display, which shows
huge detail as you zoom in.

At the end of the afternoon, Barry attempts to abduct Danny in the boot
of his car. After all, who wouldn't want a structural engineer to design
such grandiose antenna projects? Danny fights back desperately.
(Actually, Danny was kindly helping to fix the light in Barry's car boot...)

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