Radio Activities

Various radio nets, activities and meetings take place on a regular basis in the greater Cape Peninsula area and beyond. While we will do our best to report accurately on these activities for the convenience of the reader, the CTARC is only responsible for the accurate announcement of its own activities and nets.

Monday 20h00 B:
ZS1CT Net hosted by Mike ZS1FP,
  • on the 145.750 MHz repeater FM duplex.
Also at 19h30, ZS1F relays Amateur Radio Newsline 
  •  145.700 MHz and ch 26 on Citizens Band

Tuesday 20h00 B:
6m Net run by Tony/ ZS1TK
  • 50.200 Mhz USB simplex.
  • At 20h30 B: QSY to 51.510 MHz FM simplex.

Wednesday 19h30 B:
Hamnet Western Cape's weekly bulletin by ZS1DZ
  • 145.700 MHz repeater FM duplex

Thursday 20h00 B:
2m SSB net
  • 144.300 MHz USB simplex

Saturday 14h00 B:
CTARC Club meeting on 4th Saturday of each month
Details published in the regular blog posts

Sunday 07h45 B:
ZS1BAK Club bulletin
  • 145.625 MHz /Piketberg and 145.650 MHz /Hawequa repeaters FM

Sunday 08h30 B:
ZS6SRL HQ Bulletin & and ZS1CT Club Bulletin
on 145.750 MHz repeater FM.
Relayed (when available) on:
  • 145.600 MHz Hanskop / Sir Lowry's Pass repeater FM;
  • 145.725 MHz Hermanus repeater FM;
  • 144.300 MHz simplex USB;
  • 7086 kHz simplex LSB on 40 metres [when available];
  • 3700 kHz simplex LSB on 80 metres;
  • Echolink: ZS1DCC/R Node 865138

Sunday 10h00 B:

The SARL news programme, Amateur Radio Today, starting with the SARL HQ Bulletin.
  • 7082 kHz LSB by Louis ZS5LP in Durban.
[Sadly, the HF shortwave relays of this programme on 7205 and 17760 kHz are no longer available since Sentech's Bloemendal Transmitter went QRT at the end of March 2019. Similarly, the Monday 18h30 B re-broadcast on 4895 kHz has also ceased.]