Sunday 5 March 2017

CTARC Report-Back on 4 March '17 Fleamarket 3 of 5

Even more photos...

More components in bakkies...

And more...

And even more!

OK, the item on the right is a 12v PSU, but the thingummy on the left....?

Dirkie / ZS1X and Kobus / ZS1K

Avron / ZS1LA

By 14h00 the joint was jumping!  Great attendance.

Pierre / ZU1DX makes an emphatic point

Tom / ZS1TA, famished, barely makes it into the refreshments tent...
Anne stands by, willing to assist with food and drink.
(Actually, Tom was kindly hanging on to the tent when a sudden
gust of wind threatened to pick it up and carry it off)

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