Sunday 5 March 2017

CTARC Report-Back on 4 March '17 Fleamarket 4 of 5

Batch 4 (final)

There's an MFJ Antenna Analyser in that there box...

Andre / ZS1AN has found a precious QRO valve...

Fred / ZS1FZ (centre)

Elsabe, Sandy, Anne and Matt / ZS1MTF

Ian / ZS1SX had an interesting assortment on his table.

Matt / ZS1MJJ and Klaus / ZS1QO

The Speed Boat Mechanic made it across the ocean to visit us!
Welcome, Andrew!

Dave / ZS1DFR won one of the raffles - shown here with appropriate hubris...
Danny / ZS1BL and Matt /ZS1MJJ look on

Dennis / ZS1AU, Mike / ZS1FP, Barry / ZS1FJ, Matt / ZS1MJJ.
In the foreground is Vidi / ZS6AL

End of the day and all goods gone.
Note the clever table on top of the folding ladder
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