Friday 29 January 2021

CTARC TV Detector Vans - 29 Jan '21

Here are links to a fascinating technical article on Television Detector Vans in the UK, used to track down clandestine TV viewers who neglect to pay their television licenses there. At 12 pounds GBP a month, that works out to around R3000 ZAR per annum...

The article appears in the Southgate Amateur Radio Club in the UK:

The original article in is here:

Grateful thanks to Lem ZS1LEM for the info!

Monday 18 January 2021

CTARC Meetings Cancelled - Jan '21

Owing to the dangers of the Second Wave of Coronavirus in our country, the CTARC Committee has regretfully decided to cancel future monthly clubhouse meetings (held on the fourth Saturday of the month) for January and February 2021. It is also the law because parks and large meetings are still off-limits in terms of the regulations.

We are also considering whether the March meeting will still take place, and will keep our members informed in good time. The official announcements scheduled for 15th February should give further insights on the way ahead.

In the mean time, all radio hams rejoice in the fact that the Coronavirus doesn't propagate by electromagnetic waves (well, not yet, anyway) so we may maintain contact using that medium!

We do thank all our CTARC members for their understanding and support for our club throughout these extraordinary times we live in. Keep faith! These difficult circumstances will pass.

Saturday 16 January 2021

CTARC RAE Course - May '21

In May this year, Chris ZS1CDG of the CTARC will run an online Radio Amateurs Examination course for prospective radio hams. 

Download the PDF [here].