Sunday, 19 September 2021

CTARC Committee Meeting - 20 Sept '21

CTARC Committee members are reminded of the committee meeting to be held on-line at 19h00 on Monday, 20 September 2021.

Please do make an effort to attend the on-line meeting.

(If you can't be there, please remember to send in your reports and apologies to Rob or Anne.). 

CTARC Summits On The Air - 20 Sept '21

Chris ZS1CDG and Pino ZU1KAT hope to activate Maclear's Beacon on Table Mountain, weather permitting. Listen out for them on 145.500 MHz Simplex and give them SOTA points. It will also be the opportunity to wish Chris a Happy Birthday too!

They will be going up by cableway in the morning (Chris gets a free birthday ticket!) and should be active by mid-morning.

Chris and Pino have been active this past week on that frequency with SOTA activity on mountains and hills in the Cape Metropole area. For those who have to be at work, take your handie along to the salt mine!

STOP PRESS! The Monday 20th September Maclear's Beacon SOTA event has been cancelled due to weather. HOWEVER, Chris ZS1CDG and Pino ZS1KAT are determined to still do it this week, weather permitting. So, please keep your rigs tuned to 145.500 MHz.

Saturday, 18 September 2021

CTARC Forthcoming Meeting - 25 Sept '21

The September meeting of the CTARC will take place on Saturday, 25th September 2021 at 14h00, on the lawn outside our clubhouse in Rondebosch. Yes! We will have an open-air meeting again - the first proper one in three months.

Strict adherence to the Covid regulations will be required by all for everyone's safety. Properly-worn masks, social distancing and hand sanitiser (please bring your own along).

The meeting will be a show-and-tell event where members are invited to bring interesting ham items to show off and demonstrate to those present. Don't be shy - bring your project along to the meeting!

Refreshments will not be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own along.

A mini-flea market will also take place. The club has a number of items to be disposed of. You can also use the opportunity to bring along your own ham-related gear to sell or swop.

See you there on Saturday 25 September!

CTARC The ZS1 Sprint - 26 Sept '21

A reminder,

On Sunday, 26 September 2021 between 14h00 & 15h00 UTC (16h00 & 17h00 local time) the Cape Town ARC will be running the ZS1 Sprint on the air. As you probably know this is a one hour contest on a Sunday afternoon and there hasn’t been a ZS1 sprint for several years.

We would like to remind you to please have your club station on the air to give out points during that hour with your club call sign. We would ask that you send us a copy of your logs for that one hour period so that we can do the scoring for the participants. 

The CTARC club station will be activated between these times so that CTARC members may come and make contacts. If you can't make it to the clubhouse, ZS1CT would still greatly appreciate your support in the form of contacts with our club station!

For your convenience the rules from the SARL Blue Book are [here].

With appreciation,


Chairman CTARC

CTARC Yaesu FT-101 Parts Wanted - 19 Sept '21

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John ZS1WJ, stalwart member of the Antique Wireless Association as well as the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre, is busy restoring Yaesu FT-101 transceivers, of which he has a number at his workshop in Kleinmond.
He hopes to make these available to new radio hams to help them get on the air and to introduce them to the mysteries and magic of valve-based radio gear.
But now he's running out of parts for these venerable and excellent Yaesu radios.

So, if you have an old FT-101 transceiver, valves, components or spare circuit boards for these rigs that you'd like to dispose of, please contact him on O82-673-5337. You will also find him on the 40 metre net on 3640 LSB at around 17h00 (Central African Time) most afternoons of the week. He's also looking for a front plate for the FT-101E or FT-101EE.