Friday 30 January 2015

CTARC Ragchew Dec '14 / Jan '15

The Ragchew newsletter of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre for December 2014 / January 2015 is now published.

You can download it as a PDF directly [here] or from our [Newsletters Page].

Sunday 11 January 2015

CTARC Forthcoming Meeting: Flea Market - 7 Mar '15

Each year the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre holds its annual Flea Market / Car Boot Sale on the first Saturday of March. This year we will do so on 7 March 2015 at 11h00 S.A.S.T., (NOTE THE CHANGE OF STARTING  TIME) with the setup time for sellers from 10h00.  As before, it promises to be a highly sociable event.

This meeting will be open to all radio amateurs, their friends and interested persons. As always, we welcome all those who would like to join the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre, one of the oldest Radio Amateur clubs in South Africa.

Committee members are requested to be at the clubhouse from 09h30 to assist with setting up the event.

Now is the time for all local radio hams to clear their shacks of equipment and components surplus to requirements and bring same to the Flea Market to sell. The meeting is open to all radio amateurs and interested persons, as well as our CTARC members.

Yes, we do understand that parting with your surplus gear is not unlike sawing off your arm, but be brave. Other hams will thank you! Your wives will thank you! Unused equipment can be converted into ready cash! Our Flea Market is the  ideal opportunity to find (and dispose of) all sorts of bits and pieces. As always, "caveat emptor" !

Because available tables at the Centre are very limited, it is requested that those of you selling equipment bring your own tables. Your vehicle's boot is an effective sales platform. As before, a nominal fee (to assist Club funds) will be charged to those selling equipment at the event.

A raffle for a mystery prize will be held, to help to raise funds for the  145.750 MHz repeater battery requirements.

Anne will be running the now-famous Boerewors Roll and Hamburger stand. She kindly requests assistance with running the stand throughout the day. Please e-mail her at should you and / or your YL / XYL be available to help.

Please note that the image below is for illustrative purposes alone. The CTARC cannot guarantee that you will find the elusive widget that you have been searching for at a nominal price, but then again - you just might!

Photos of our 2014 Flea Market [here].

Further details will be published presently.

Thursday 1 January 2015

CTARC Committee Meeting - 19 Jan '15

Committee members of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre are reminded that there will be a committee meeting at the clubhouse on Monday 19 January 2015 at 19h00.

Do please make every effort to attend.

CTARC Forthcoming January Meeting - Jan '15

The first meeting of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre in 2015 will take place at 14h00 on Saturday, 24 January, at the CTARC clubhouse at the Belvedere Community Centre in Rondebosch.

Paul /ZS1S will be giving a talk and presentation of his DXpedition to Tristan da Cunha that took place in September 2014. It promises to be a most interesting event.

Please note that there will be no club meeting in December 2014.

Further details will be announced in the Sunday morning 08h30 bulletins and on this blogspot.