In Memorium

Ours is a hobby and calling where we often remain in contact with our radio ham friends and their families down through the years, until they pass on, as we all must do some day. Here we acknowledge such departures with poignancy and respect, saddened for the loss of them but grateful for the happy times we had with them when we still could share the pleasure of their company.

Rest in Peace.

CTARC Katherine - May '18

CTARC Peter Breytenbach / ZS1ADP - 7 Mar '18

CTARC Bernie Crockford / ZS1BW - Dec '17

CTARC Hugo Friedmann / ZS1HSF Silent Key - 19 Sep '17

CTARC Silent Key: Geoff Tyler / ZR1GFT - Sep '17

CTARC Geraldine Brown R. I. P. - 3 Sep '17

CTARC Joan Wells R.I.P. - 18 Aug '17

Silent Key: Dennis Maastricht - 30 Jul '17

CTARC Silent Key: Mike Rolfe / ZS1EW - 8 Aug '15