Sunday 24 September 2017

CTARC Photos of 23 September 2017 Meeting (2/2)

Here are the photos of the September 2017 "Show and Tell" meeting of the CTARC:
The report-back on the meeting is [here]. The first page of photos is [here].

Chris / ZS1CDG shows off his homebrew CW keyer

The keyer / decoder in action

Chris / ZS1CDG's 28 MHz mini beacon

Chris's box of well-constructed projects

John / ZS1AGH demo's a smartphone CW app

The app by IZ2UUF teaches Morse Code by the Koch method

Richard / ZS1RIC demo's a crank-up coaxial mast design,
similar to that he built for the CTARC's main mast.

...and a fold-over mast that can be rotated from below.
Note the thrust bearing on the platform to protect the rotator.

Hans-Jurgen / ZS1HJH demo's a very nifty
Software Defined Radio unit.

Here Hans-Jurgen runs the SDR via a tablet PC
10 kHz to 2 GHz coverage...

Noel / ZS1FW shows his Code Practise Oscillator

Hylton / ZR1HPC ran the raffle for antenna funds

Paulo was invited to randomly select the winning ticket, which was won
by Tony / ZS1TK, who generously donated his winnings back to the CTARC.

Afterwards discussion and debate was the order of the day

Left to right: Gerald / ZS1GRM, Rob / ZS1SA, (unid), Danny / ZS1BL

Ian / ZS1SX had a variety of goods for sale

Widgets in boxes...

There are still some swops left for sale at the CTARC.
They will be up for swop again at our October meeting.