Sunday, 24 September 2017

CTARC Photos of 23 September 2017 Meeting (1/2)

Here are the photos of the September 2017 "Show and Tell" meeting of the CTARC:
The report-back on the meeting is [here]. The second page of photos is [here].

The club members assemble before the meeting.
(Later on we ran out of seating space!)

Richard / ZS1RIC receives the Club Wellie Award (due at the July AGM)
from CTARC Chairman Rob / ZS1SA

Rob gives a report-back on club affairs and the recent committee meeting

Rob demo's his handy coaxial cable tester

The tester sports two LED', an indicator and two sockets. 

The tester's circuit is simplicity itself

Rob demo's his "chicken stick" for safely testing / shorting out
capacitors in valve linear amplifiers

Mike / ZS1FP shows us his modified multi-voltage PSU

The PSU with the lid off

ZS1FP's simple regulator circuit for the PSU

Mike shows a simple mains tester using just three neon indicators

A handy means of testing appliance current draw with
a clamp-on ammeter

Tom / ZS1TA shows us a project box for a homebrew
Azimuth-Elevation controller project

The problematic HF noise floor at ZS1TA's QTH

A cycle of ZS1TA's mains AC showing noise on the peaks and troughs

An SSTV QSO done by way of satellite