Saturday, 3 March 2018

CTARC Photos of March Fleamarket 1/5 - 3 Mar '18

Here's the first batch of photos. The written report on the flea market is [here].
Photos of the event: Batch 1 [Batch 2] [Batch 3] [Batch 4] [Batch 5

Paul / ZS1S brought along some nice stuff.
The green box in the background is a Sailor transmitter

Some modems and UPS's. The 19" aluminium racks went fast.

Components, headphones, CCTV monitor, multimeter, more components...

Modems, VHF rigs, handies, etc

The CTARC offered some hi-fi tuner/amps, a PSU,a multiband antenna

The MFJ multiband antenna needs some TLC. There is also a yagi

Paperwork and manuals

More paper, including an almost complete bound set
of Wireless World magazines

Modems galore

More modes and UPS units

What loos like a very large PSU (foreground, left)
and some coax cables (coiled, on top)