Saturday, 3 March 2018

CTARC Photos of March Flea Market 4/5 - 3 Mar '19

4th batch of photos; The written report on the flea market is [here].
Photos of the event: [Batch 1] [Batch 2] [Batch 3] Batch 4 [Batch 5

Paul / ZS1S and Mike / ZS1FP peruse an unidentified piece of gear

Mike / ZS1FP brought an interesting selection of wares in his bakkie...

...and kindly assisted the club with his PA System

Avron / ZS1LA investigates an RF widget

Lem / ZS1LEM and Noel / ZS1FW forage through a pile of FREE STUFF
very kindly made available by Deon / ZR1DE

Paul, Lem, Celso and Peter

Mike / ZS1PE had this nice homebrew adjustable PSU (on table)

The MAGNIFICENT catering ladies who sustained us all
throughout the afternoon. Left to right: Anne, Elsabe,
Desiree / ZR1VOX and Ilse

Steve / ZR1ACM and Paul / ZS1S look suitably pleased

The item on the RHS of the bakkie is, apparently, a GDO.

Two 'scopes and a spectrum analyser.
On the right is a Wavetek signal generator

A nice Icom transceiver and automatic ATU

The table of Tom / ZS1AFS and Sue / ZS1AFR.
In the background are Andrew / ZS1SBM and Fred / ZS1ZV.