Saturday, 24 February 2018

CTARC Photos of February Meeting - 24 Feb '18

Here are the photos of the CTARC's February 2018 main meeting.
The written report-back is [here].
Photos of the Antenna Work Party are [here].

A well-attended meeting, as always

Rob gives a report back on the committee meeting and club affairs

Paul / ZS1SA gives a report on the recent 3Y0Z function at the RCYC the previous weekend

Charles / ZS1CJO begins his most interesting talk on Electronic Logging

The slides are available online
(see previous article)

After the meeting, discussions and chats

ZS1AU / Dennis and ZS1FW / Noel

Charles / ZS1CJO and Paul / ZS1PXK,
who.conducted the raffle for club funds

Members has the chance to chat and peruse swops

The refurbished coaxial club mast, newly painted.
Soon it will have a Force-12C antenna on top

A closer view of the top of the mast. What you don't see
are the hours of work that went into its refurbishment and repair.