Saturday, 24 February 2018

CTARC Forthcoming March Meeting - 3 March '18

A scene from last year's Mega Flea Market
The CTARC's March meeting will be, as is always the case, our Mega Flea Market, which is traditionally held on the first Saturday in March. In this case, that will be the 3rd of March, 2018.

The venue is our clubhouse, off Laidlaw Lane in Rondebosch.

This is probably the largest flea market / "Swop Meet" of amateur radio equipment in the Western Cape. It is always well attended and is the ideal opportunity to sell off surplus equipment. For the buyer, there are usually lots of bargains to be had.

All are welcome. You don't have to be a member of the CTARC to attend, to buy or to sell items at this event, although our friendly club always is glad to welcome new members into our fold. The event is also a social highlight on the amateur radio calendar and a great chance to meet up with friends and to chew the rag face-to-face.

Sellers are requested to bring their own tables and/or to sell items out of their car boot. Tables are in very short supply at the clubhouse, and the CTARC needs their own to display items which will be on sale at reasonable prices.

Sellers will be charged a small charge of R10-00 to help defray our costs, but no charge to buyers and browsers. The good news is that your ticket will enter you in the lucky draw to win a prize! (Non-sellers may also buy a ticket and enter the raffle, too). The fee allows sellers to park their vehicles on the grassy area immediately in front of the clubhouse. As this area is limited in size, buyers and non-sellers are requested to park in the paved area off Laidlaw Lane, which is immediately adjacent to the flea market and only a few metres away.

Scrumptious boerie rolls and ice cold refreshments will be on sale throughout the day.

The setup time and simultaneous start of the Flea Market will be 12h00. While the CTARC committee members will meet before then to set up the event, please respect the starting time.
The event usually lasts until about 16h30 - 17h00.

Sellers are requested to remove unsold items from the venue when they leave. The CTARC cannot take responsibility for any items left behind (and we have no space in our clubhouse, anyway!).

See you there on the 3rd of March!

Note: This event has now taken place. Read the report [here].