Sunday, 25 June 2017

CTARC New Hams Orientation Session Report - 25 Jun '17

CTARC Chairman, Rod / ZS1SA, conducted
the orientation session for new hams
On  Saturday 24 June 2017, the CTARC held the first of a series of orientation sessions for the new radio hams in our community. The lecture, by Rob / ZS1SA, started at 13h00, an hour before the main monthly members meeting at 14h00. The meeting was well-attended

Rob covered the following syllabus:
  • Correct station identification;
  • How to correctly establish cntact on a VHF FM repeater;
  • Round Table proceedures and net operation;
  • Reporting emeregencies;
  • Repeater etiquette;
  • Proper microphone techniques;
  • Repeater- and Simplex frequencies;
  • CTCSS.
Rob's PowerPoint presentation file of the talk is [here].

The common-sense procedures appropriate to using the shared resource of VHF amateur radio were well presented. During and at the end of the lecture, attendees had the opportunity to get their questions answered.

At 14h00 we were joined by the larger group of CTARC members for the main meeting.

Further details of subsequent orientation sessions will be announced on the CTARC bulletins, in RagChew and on this Blogspot.