Thursday, 8 June 2017

CTARC Storm Damage - 8 June '17

The big storm on Wednesday has blown down the CTARC main beam antennas. The telescopic mast is OK. The multi-band vertical antenna has been bent but looks repairable. The vertical VHF antenna, having a small wind profile, looks fine. Considering the nature of the storm and all the foliage and branches brought down around the clubhouse, we are lucky to still have a roof! Fortunately the wind blew the beam away from the roof, with minimal damage to the nearby creche fence.

On Thursday, Noel / ZS1FW, Richard / ZS1RIC and Nick / ZS1ZD dismantled the beam antenna before affirmative shoppers could make off with the elements.

So it's back to square one (almost). We will have to decide what to do next... Considering what happened to some buildings in Cape Town on Wednesday, the CTARC got off relatively lightly

This is what greeted the work team on Thursday. Beam antenna down...
The roof of a nearby building lost sheeting. Our clubhouse roof escaped damage.

This basketball post was BENT by the force of the wind!

What happened to the CTARC's  beam antenna

The multi-band vertical antenna is bent but looks repairable

The break point where the support mast broke off

Another view of the break

Dissassembled elements lying on the ground.
Several got bent on impact with the turf.

Noel / ZS1FW, Richard /  ZS1RIC and Nick / ZS1ZD (behind camera)
arrived at short notice to dismantle the antennas

Elements stored temporarily in the clubhouse