Sunday, 28 January 2018

CTARC Photos of the January Meeting - 28 Jan '18

Here are the photos of the 27 January 2018 CTARC meeting.
The written report-back is [here].

CTARC Chairman, Rob / ZS1SA opens the meeting

Well attended

Lots of swops also brought along for trade / disposal

Frank /ZS1CM handed over an elderly copy of Ragchew from 1996

Barry /ZS1FJ sets up the vertical dipole

Barry sets of the "Klaus" mast attached to the door handle of his car

The feed point of the folded dipole, showing the perspex construction

The folded dipole is very lightweight and transportable

Diagrams: Left:  Folded dipole; Right: Delta loop

Heavy duly 45o ohm twin-feed cable can handle QRO with little loss

Assembling one side of the directive element

Barry shows the lightweight boom of the Mystery Antenna

Mike / ZS1CO and Hylton / ZR1HPC

Hylton / ZR1HPC assembles a dipole element of the Mystery Antenna

This is a 3-way apex mounting hook for a dipole or inverted-V

Swops: The grey box is a 12v antenna coaxial relay (ZS1SX)

Swops:Meters, fused cables, spring bases, hardware (ZS1SX)

Swops: PC Speakers, cables, etc. (ZS1FP)

Swops: Valve bases (ZS1FP)

Swops: Mike /ZS1FP had this fine set of binoculars on offer

Swops: These two retro dial-phones went quickly

SARL icon: OM Tjerk Lammers /ZS6P (now relocated to Cape Town
as ZS1J) visited us

Chewing the rag after the meeting

The CTARC telescopic mast gets a new coat of paint;
The multi-band vertical still has its bend from the July storm!

Paul /ZS1S transports a VERY big mast home