Sunday, 14 January 2018

CTARC Forthcoming January Meeting - 27 Jan '18

Barry / ZS1FJ
The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre kicks off the new year with its first meeting of 2018, on Saturday 27 January at the clubhouse, starting at 14h00.

At this meeting, Barry / ZS1FJ (whom we all know as a seasoned globetrotter and DX-peditioneer of note) will give a talk on the building of simple HF antennae.

Barry's extensive field experience in erecting and using DX antennae at various remote locations ensures that this talk will be most interesting, and backed up with his hands-on knowledge of what works well in practice.

As our club continues to grow, we now begin to face the prospect of having more members than available chairs... Them what arrives early is them what gets the seats! We do look forward to seeing you at the meeting.