Sunday 26 November 2017

CTARC Photos of End-of-Year Function of 25 Nov '17

Here are the photos of the CTARC End-of-Year function held on Saturday 25 November 2017.

The written report-back on the meeting is [here].

Setting up beforehand. Grateful thanks to Jon / ZS1AGH and Elsabe
for use of the canopy

Paul / ZS1S sets up the solar powered MW receiver with loop antenna.
Works like a charm!

Left to right: Elsabe, Glynnis / ZR1GW and Anne,
our formidable catering ladies!

Welcome to Ivan / ZR1ICE and Maureen / ZR1MYB

Lem / ZS1LEM and Noel / ZS1FW
Dennis / ZS1AU and Frank / ZS1CM

The three musketeers: Keverne / ZS1ABU, Chris / ZS1CDG
and Lem / ZS1LEM

We had quite a crowd this year - around 65 people in all

Gerald / ZS1GRM

Various goodies (some new, some retro) on the Swop Shop tables

Karl / ZS1KC, Paul / ZS1PXK and Wouter / ZS1KE

Various widgets for disposal

Various handies and chargers...

Rob / ZS1SA considers the purchase of a microphone

This very nice Eton G3 SW multiband Rx (with BFO and ECSSB)
was, sadly, NOT for sale

CTARC Chairman Rob / ZS1SA having introduced Dennis / ZS1AU,
Dennis describes the LWHST to the crowd
Dennis / ZS1AU gives us the history, chapter and verse, of the
Len Wells Ham Spirit Trophy's recipients.

And the winner this 50th anniversary year of the LWHST is...
Fred / ZS1FZ / DJ3VV, who addressed us with a brief
speech of thanks

Fred receives his certificate from Dennis...

...and the Trophy. Well done!

Wolfgang / ZR1WLH won the raffle

The LWHST recipients (such as whom attended): Left to right:
Rob / ZS1SA, Anne, Mike / ZS1FP, Nick / ZS1ZD, Richard  ZS1RIC,
Dennis / ZS1AU, Danny / ZS1BL, Fred / ZS1FZ, Deon / ZS1ZL,
Glynnis / ZR1GW, Paul / ZS1S, Noel / ZS1FW and Hans-Jurgen / ZS1HJH