Tuesday, 18 October 2016

CTARC New Swops Service at Club Meetings - 18 Oct '16

Thanks to a suggestion from one of our members, the club is introducing a regular "Bring and Buy" sale at every monthly meeting held at our clubhouse.

Please feel free to bring a few surplus (amateur radio related) goods and place them on the side table together with your call sign, price and (if you wish) contact details. We are sure your equipment will generate great interest and will soon find a new home.

At the end of the meeting, please make sure you (or the new purchaser) remove the equipment, and take it home. Otherwise we will soon be unable to fit into our clubhouse!

Also please note that said transactions are done entirely at your own risk. Neither the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre nor its committee can be held responsible for the safekeeping of said equipment. Nor will the committee enter into any negotiations or disputes between buyer and seller. The service is operated in good faith to allow radio amateurs to exchange or trade their surplus amateur radio equipment with each other.

Of course, we will continue to run our Swop Shop slot during our regular Sunday morning bulletins, and members are welcome to continue submitting radio-related equipment swops to appear in our bi-monthly newsletter, Ragchew. And we will also continue to hold our annual Mega-Fleamarket in March each year.

A report-back on the Swops aspect of our meeting of 22 October 2016 is [here].