Wednesday, 19 October 2016

CTARC Forthcoming Meeting - 22 Oct '16

The October 2016 Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre members meeting, (usually held on the fourth Saturday of each month), is on Saturday 22nd October, at 14h00, at the CTARC clubhouse in Rondebosch.

Directions to the CTARC clubhouse are [here].

At the meeting, John / ZS1PM will give us a talk about the exciting developments in electronics at the time when transistorised designs superseded those using valves (vacuum tubes). He will mention his work on the first transistorised Tellurometer, done under the guidance of Drs Hewitt and Wadley at NITR (National Institute for Telecommunications Research). Dr Wadley was the inventor of the Tellurometer, the “Wadley Loop”, and more.

We were privileged to hear John speak at the CTARC's Seventieth Anniversary luncheon held at the Wild Fig Restaurant in June this year.

We look forward to seeing you at the October Meeting!