Saturday, 1 August 2020

CTARC Ragchew - Aug '20

The August 2020 edition of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre's bi-monthly newsletter "Ragchew" is now published.

This edition contains the Chairman's AGM report. Due to the Coronavirus lock-down, our club has been unable to hold a proper meeting, but will do so when circumstances permit.

Grateful thanks to the editor, Anne, for another fine edition.

Remember please, Anne is always on the look-out for articles to publish in Ragchew! This is especially the case during the lock-down.

You can advertise ham-related items - for sale, swop or wanted-to-buy - in Ragchew, including colour photos, details and prices. To do so, please contact the editor [here].

Download the August Newsletter PDF file [here];

Ragchew is also on our Newsletters Page