Wednesday, 26 August 2020

CTARC Radio Amateurs Exam - 29 August '20

Prospective radio amateurs will be able to write the RAE (Radio Amateurs Examination), which must be passed in order to obtain the Amateur Radio License, on Saturday, 29th August 2020.

Chris ZS1CDG, who has conducted the current RAE course, will of course be present at the venue.

The venue is the hall next to Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre clubhouse (which is part of the same building), at the Belvedere Community Centre, located on the V.O.B. Sports Grounds, Keurboom Park, in Rondebosch.

Directions to the CTARC clubhouse.

There will be two sessions:
  • The morning session starts at 09h30 for 10h00;
  • The afternoon session starts at 13h00 for 14h00.

HF Assessments

In addition to passing the RAE, prospective radio amateurs must also pass the HF Assessment Test. For those who still have not done this (easy) test, there will be a final final chance to do the test at the CTARC Clubhouse between the morning and afternoon sessions of the RAE.

We wish good luck and to all the RAE candidates!