Sunday 8 March 2020

CTARC Photos of Flea Market of 7 March - Batch 5

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A Hallicrafters HT-44, a Johnson Viking Ranger II
and an Icom IC-78

The weather was good and many folk were there

In the heat of the afternoon, the trees provide welcome shade.

Chris ZS1CDG [on right]

Paul ZS1S always brings lots of interesting bits & pieces

Tony ZS1TK [left] - lots of equipment on offer,
including a Trio TS-700 and an Ameritron Linear Amp & PSU

Grant ZS1GRC

Left to right: John ZS1EQ, James ZS1ZKZ, Tom ZS1TA and Dirkie ZS1X

Several raffle prizes were announced by Danny ZS1BL and Paul ZS1PSK,
with Andre ZS1F and Mike ZS1CO walking off with prizes
Mike ZS1CO collects his raffle prize
The two catering stalwarts, Elsabe and Anne, take a well-earned
breather after having fed the ravenous multitudes

Afterwards we sat around in a circle discussing the flea market.

General consensus was that it was a great success.
We will do it all again next year!

Batch 1  *  Batch 2  *  Batch 3  *  Batch 4  *  Batch 5
Pics by Z1TK  *  Pics by ZS1PC