Sunday, 25 November 2018

CTARC Photos of End-of-Year Braai - 24 Nov '18

Here are the photos of the CTARC's End-of-Year Braai held on Saturday 24 November 2018.

The written report-back is [here].

Committee members start setting up shop at 11h00...
Left to right: Hylton ZS1HPC, Paul ZS1S, Tony ZS1TM,
Elsabe, Anne, John ZS1AGH

Hylton & John set up the naval pennant with a cryptic
yet convivial message

Left to right: Wolfgang ZS1WLH, Hans-Jurgen ZS1HJH, Paul ZS1S

By 12h00 the rest of the gang started to arrive

Left to right: John ZS1EQ, Danny ZS1BL and Alan ZS1DOG

Left to right: Alan ZS1LS, Andre ZS1AN, Paul ZS1S and Mietek SP3CMX

Left to right: Tack JE1CKA of the 3Y0I Bouvet Island Dx-pedition team,
and Lem ZS1LEM

Left to right: Mike ZS1CO, Barry ZS1FJ, Rob ZS1SA

Foreground left to right: Patric ZS1PDY and Davey ZR1FR

Paul ZS1S with Marcin SP5ES and Mietek SP3CMX,
both of the 3Y0I Bouvet Island Dx-pedition team

Noel ZS1FW and Tony ZS1TM delivered sterling service at the braai fires

OK, for those who can't read nautical flags, the message is:
"Splice The Mainbrace!"

Tom ZS1TA and Tony ZS1TK

Elsabe and Anne fed the multitudes with their delicious hamburgers

Fred ZS1FZ

Having cooked burgers for a chunk of the afternoon,
Noel certainly deserved his own one!

Grateful thanks to Elsabe and Anne for their magnificent catering work

Paul ZS1S's solar-powered amplified MW crystal set

Dennis ZS1AU arrived; all of us were glad to see him at the meeting
The trees provided cool shade and some shelter from the South-Easter...

...whereas others found a spot in the clubhouse

Tjerk ZS1J, Dennis ZS1AU and Andre ZS1AN discuss the forthcoming
DxPedition with members of  the Bouvet Island team

Elsabe and Dennis ZS1AU

It was a most pleasant afternoon, enjoyed by all