Saturday, 2 June 2018

CTARC Club History - 2 Jun '18

Here is some club history, kindly provided by Dennis ZS1AU.

In the photo (right) from (we guess) the 1960's, L to R: Sydney Smith ZS1PF standing, telling us about his homebrew project (it was an electronic keyer), Ray Alexander ZS1IM (then CT Club Chairman) & Jack Meerburg ZS1FM (Secretary) seated. Note the Trophies!
Syd, who was a Mechanical Engineer by profession and who built beautiful homebrew equipment, was the winner in the photo. He also built (for his company, Cape Steel Pty Ltd ) the connecting bridge walk through, over Darling Street, from Cape Town Railway Station to the OK Bazaars/Golden Acre complex.

Sadly, both Syd and Ray have since passed on, but Jack is still around and living in Constantia.

In the photo (right) are Muriel Alexander (Ray's XYL) and Mac Mclure ZS1VN.

Thanks so much, Dennis!