Sunday, 29 April 2018

CTARC Photos of April Meeting - 28 Apr '18

Here are the photos of the April 2018 CTARC meeting (Sorry if some of them are fuzzy - they're photos of slides projected onto a wall in some cases!) (There are better photos of the station [here]). The written report-back is [here].

A full house in attendance
Chairman Rob / ZS1SA opens the meeting and reports back
on the recent committee meeting

Allan / ZS1LS hands out course notes before his presentation
Allan gave us a fascinating talk about
the Morningstar remote station

The remote station and antenna mast at Morningstar

The TS-2000 rig at the bottom, control PC, SWR monitor,
Signallink sound card and detachable fascia.

The solid state Metron Power Amp

Another view of the Optibeam antenna and mast

On the setup page in the software you can see a list
of the various international stations using the system

The interface which lets the remote operator adjust settings
on the transceiver and station via PC. In the lower right-hand
corner is the antenna rotation indicator

Georges / ZS1II accepts the SARL Anon Trophy from Rob / ZS1SA
Mike / ZS1FP makes an emphatic point during his slide show
Paul / ZS1PXK and Mike / ZS1CO who won the raffle

General chatter in the autumn afternoon air outside the clubhouse