Sunday 29 October 2017

CTARC Report-back on October Meeting - Pics 1/2 - 23 Oct '17

Here are the photos of the CTARC October talk (courtesy of Paul / ZS1S).
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Noel / ZS1FW discussed Ham terminology before the main meeting

Those who arrived timeously got seats!

CTARC chairman Rob / ZS1SA calls for a moment of
silence to remember Hugo / ZS1HSF

Gerald / ZS1GRM and his "Besemstok Special"

The cross-phased folded dipole driven elements

The ends of the folded dipoles were flattened and folded

The "bazooka Balun"

Paul / ZS1S starts his presentation

The massive venue at Friedrichshafen. The zeppelin hangar is at the bottom.
The Friedrichshafen Airport runway on lower right.
This is a Google Earth image.

Friedrichshafen is located South of Stuttgart, on the NE coast of
Lake Consantz. This is a Google Earth image.

One of many exhibition halls, with hundreds of stalls to browse

Icom, of course, were there, too. The latest IC-7300 on display

Latest all-Software Defined Radio: Icom IC-7610. Be still, my heart.

Elecraft was well represented at the hamfest.
Eric (seated) is one of Elecraft's founders

Elecraft KPA1500 solid state linear amp.
Yours for a mere $6000...

At the smaller end of the scale, an Elecraft KX2 QRP rig

A portable, modular EmComm rig on show by by the DARC

Optibeam antenna manufacturers were there too...

German amateur radio manufacturer Hiberling,
with their latest rigs

DX-Wire antenna wire

The retro enthusiasts not neglected either. On the right a SABA receiver
in good working order. A snip at 1400 Euros!

The actual flea market was jammed with stalls and tables of Stuff

Some nice Collins rigs to carry home on the plane as hand luggage...

And for those who want one, a 3-rotor Enigma encryption machine!

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