Sunday, 23 July 2017

CTARC Annual General Meeting Photos - 22 Jul '17

Here are the photos from the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre's AGM of Saturday 22 July 2017. For the written report, click [here].

Rob / ZS1SA reads the Chairmans Report.
This was followed by Anne's Secretary's Report

Danny / ZS1BL delivered his comprehensive Treasurers Report

Davy / ZR1FR of the Rally Group

Michael / ZS1MJT awards the Sports Communications Award to
Hendrik / ZS1EEE

Rob / ZS1SA awards the Wellie Awards to Richard / ZS1RIC (in absentia)

The prestigious Club Participation Award goes jointly to
Hans-Jurgen / ZS1HJH and Wolfgang / ZR1WLH

The CTARC's top award, the Buck Taylor Trophy, is awarded to Fred / ZS1FZ
(in absentia) for his dedication, commitment and involvement in a club project
that will be announced presently

John / ZS1AGH takes on the temporary mantle of CTARC Chairmanship
while the election of Chairman and Office Bearers takes place.
Rob / ZS1SA is re-elected as chairman

After the formalities were concluded, the chairs were re-stacked and our members
had the chance to chat and be sustained by Anne's excellent chicken soups,
breadrolls and a glass of sherry