Saturday 27 May 2017

CTARC May Meeting Photos - 27 May '17

Here are some photos from the May 2017 meeting at the CTARC, The article report is [here].

Chairman Rob /ZS1SA welcomes all to the meeting
and reports back on the recent Committee Meeting

We had such a good attendance that more chairs were called for!

Gerben /P5GM (right) addresses the gathering

Traveling light! One rig, one ATU, one PSU
and a key attached to a bracket for stability

The antenna is carried in a special carry-bag with straps

The three locations on the right of the map- Fiji, Tuvalu & Kiribati

The vertical antenna performed well. The balun is in the box halfway up.

Using Google Earth's 3-D view to assess terrain and topology
of the proposed DX site.

The final location was in an apartment on the top floor of this
luxury hotel. Less mountains in the way!

Gerben receives his personalised ZS1CT cap from Rob

The usual discussions after the meeting

Daniel / ZS1DEA holds up his mystery antenna.
It looks like a J-Pole with 3x radials.

Kassie / ZR1JK generously brought along buckets of components

Gerben and Paul / ZS1S (right) stayed on at the ckubhouse
to do some CW operating after the meeting