Sunday 23 April 2017

CTARC Photos of April 22 Meeting

Here are photos of the April 2017 meeting at the CTARC:

ZR1WLH & ZS1HJH doing final assembly of the antenna
before the meeting

Hendrik / ZS1EEE contemplates the antenna in its temporary tuning location.

Rob / ZS1SA opens the meeting
Hendrik shows an example of an SDR-enabled handie

Hendrik shows an RTL/SDR dongle

There are Arduino-based component SDR kits
Diagram of the traditional HDR (Hardware-Defined Radio) signal path
with RF amp, oscillator, mixer, detector & audio stage

An intermediate phase -  Software Controlled Radio

Software Defined Radio, where the whole signal path
is processed digitally by software

Three-dimensional graphs illustrate the Quadrature principle.
Above is an example of Frequency Modulation

Amplitude Modulation, showing the variation of amplitude of the signal
over time

The classical SDR waterfall and oscilloscope display

A  comparison of various SDR specifications and prices,
ranging typically from $300 to $1100 (and more!)

ZS1HJH checks readings using his Network Analyzer

Ian / ZS1SX (right) brings some goodies along to the SwopShop

Tea, biscuits and catching up from last month

Yet again, the Club's ricketty wooden ladder defies the laws of physics
and remains intact and vertical at this crucial stage

Rob does some last-minute soldering work

Walking up the antenna

Some branches had to be held out of the way as the antenna went up

We had to temporarily lower the antenna again to disentangle
some of the guy wires

Danny / ZS1BL fixes the mast to the upper mounting bracket...

...while the strong arm of the Ward holds the mast in place!

Club members admire their handiwork

The satisfying feeling of a job well done!