Sunday 30 June 2019

CTARC Gerald Meneses ZS1GRM Silent key - 27 June '19

Gerald Meneses ZS1GRM
1939 - 2019
The key of Gerald Meneses ZS1GRM went silent in the early hours of Thursday, 27 June 2019, after a brief illness. He was three months away from his 81st birthday.

Gerald will be remembered by many of us at the CTARC. He was a straightforward, honest man; gentle in his manner and forthright in his opinions. 

Like many radio amateurs, Gerald's interest started with Citizens Band, where he went by the handle of "Flat Spanner". He then obtained his amateur radio license in 1978.

Gerald was actively involved with many aspects of Amateur Radio throughout the years. He was a keen DX-er. He constructed and experimented with HF  and VHF antennas. He was involved with Hamnet rallies. He served on the Committee of the Oakdale Club, He was awarded the SARL Jack Twine Award in 2006. He was a member of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre for many years, and a regular participant in 2m evening skeds - with Paddy ZS1GPF /SK, Dennis ZS1DTM /SK, Dave ZS1DFR and Nick ZS1ZD - for over a decade.

He was a skilled Mechanic and Auto Electrician, working with Dennis ZS1AU [who introduced him to Ham Radio] in the General Post Office Engineering Department. His proven technical skills were such that that he built a working full-scale gyrocopter in the garage of his QTH. He was an avid motorcyclist, which he combined with his keen interest in photography to document the Peninsula around which he traveled extensively.

Gerald is survived by his wife Christina, his two daughters and son, and two grandchildren. Our sincerest condolences go to his family and his son-in-law, Daniel ZS1DEA.

So long Gerald, we will miss you. The ham bands will be far quieter in your absence.

Gerald ZS1GRM, Dave ZS1DFR & Dennis ZS1AU

Gerald with Dennis ZS1DTM

Gerald's badges reflected both the history of South Africa and his own
amateur radio career!

Gerald ZS1GRM, photo courtesy of ZS1AU
The ZS1OAK Committee [in approx 2008]; L to R: Dennis ZS1DTM,
Ettienne ZS1AX, Marion ZS1QRN, Gerald ZS1GRM, Dave ZS1SG,
Dennis ZS1AU and Fred ZS1FCS