Monday 10 June 2024

CTARC: It's Time!!!! Subs Renewal

 Hi to all CTARC Members:


There will be NO increase in subs for 2024 / 2025:


Subs remain at R195 per Member (under 65), and R150 for pensioners (over 65).


Morningstar subs remain at R395pa.


(Remember your spouse may join the Club for 50% of your fee).


Morningstar remote station rental at the Morningstar Flying Club has increased very slightly but we have absorbed this small amount this time to keep our cost to you the same as last year.

Please do consider continuing and renewing your membership for Morningstar to help keep this wonderful facility in operation.


 Please read this next paragraph, it may concern you!

***All Life Members,  please ignore this email. Those who have joined the club in the past 6 months, also those few members who have paid 5 years subs upfront, you too please ignore this email and we thank you.

***If you are not sure if you are paid up or not, just check the last membership certificate you received from me, and see if the date at the bottom is valid past 2024.


The Renewal form is available ( click here ) to be updated only IF your details have changed please. The Club’s banking details are on the form, and this is your reminder to pay your 2024/2025 subs as soon as possible.


(EFT is preferred if possible please, as it costs the club at least R50 each time to bank R195 cash and we try to avoid it).


***Please use bank reference: ‘Subs and your call sign and or name’.

Last year I had a total of 7 payments that I still have no idea who sent them. 2 of these were for Morningstar? So not small amounts which can’t be allocated corrected.


I look forward to receiving your p.o.p shortly. Remember, subs are due by 30 June please. Reply per email to:


Thank you,