Tuesday, 31 August 2021

CTARC Monday evening net - 30 Aug '21

Radio hams monitoring the 145.750 MHz Repeater on Kanonkop will know of the weekly Monday evening CTARC Net held on that repeater at 20h00

Recently Mike ZS1FP (who used to run the net with Noel/ZS1FW/sk, as well as after Noel passed on)  announced that he's no longer available to do that. Thank you, Mike, for your service to the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre.

Fortunately, Barry ZS1FJ has stepped in to continue to run the net, which is for all radio amateurs (not just CTARC members) who can reach that repeater to participate in! Thank you, Barry!

Remember, the net meets every Monday evening, starting at 20h00 local time, on the 145.750 MHz repeater (Duplex FM, input frequency 145.150 MHz, no CTCSS tones required).

The net covers a  wide range of topics that radio hams may discuss including (but not limited to) technical matters. Do join in! It's a great opportunity to chew the proverbial rag with fellow radio hams!