Sunday, 6 March 2016

CTARC Report Back on 5 March Flea Market 2/4

More photos are in Batch 1, Batch 3 and Batch 4

Gerald / ZS1GRM unpacks his wares
Tom / ZS1AFS and Sue / ZS1AFR had a variety of items for sale

Pierre / ZU1DX brought along a whole trailer-full of stuff

Hylton / ZR1HPC and Michael /  ZS1PE

Boxes of power supplies, bits of power supplies, PSU components, transformers, etc

Karl / ZS1KC's table of interesting items

Dennis / ZS1AU and Noel / ZS1FW. Richard / ZS1RIC balances on ZS1AU's hand.

If you look carefully just to the right of Raoul /  ZS1C (on right), you may notice
a matched pair of two homebrew 23 cm rigs that later on went for a song!

From a certain perspective, big boxes of technology may look daunting. However,
continued exposure to radios and electronics brings familiarity, and thereby
are the seeds of Amateur Radio fruitfully sown. Start 'em young!

Great interest was shown by the visitors to the items on display, be they on tables,
in car boots or in crates on the ground

ZS1TM (on right) was generously allowed to peruse the wares on offer
once the burgers had all been cooked!

ZS1WHL looking very proprietorial. And well he might -  the goods on that particular
table are of the highest quality indeed.

 Wolfgang / ZS1WHL, Hans-Jurgen / ZS1HJH, Tom / ZS1AFS and Danny / ZS1BL
"See - it's actually very simple... You turn it through 180 degrees, press it in and then
pull it out, twisting it backwards gently while simultaneously engaging the
Chuffer Sprocket - and Bob's your uncle!!"

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