Thursday, 10 March 2016

CTARC Heard Island DXpedition Departs Cape Town - 10 Mar '16

This afternoon, at around 14h30, the m/v Braveheart departed from the Victoria Basin at the Cape Town Docks. Following extensive preparations and final packing, which had already been completed by this morning, the sturdy vessel loaded its crew and passengers for the 10 day journey through the southern Indian Ocean to Heard Island.

A number of South African radio amateurs, as well as harbour officials. were there to wish them well and see them off. Paul / ZS1S, who is on the CTARC committee, has been heavily involved with assisting the team with their preparations. He will now be able to heave a sigh of relief as his duties there (other than working VK0EK, of course) are now complete.

The team have erected a Hustler 4BTV multiband vertical antenna on the vessel, and we expect to hear and hopefully work them as they proceed to Heard Island. The DXpedtition team face a bumpy journey across the ocean, followed by the interesting task of transferring tons of equipment and antennae by inflatable boats from the Braveheart across to the island when they arrive. Followed by the DXpedition itself, removing everything they brought with them back to the Braveheart , and the remainder trip across to Australia thereafter.

Follow the DXpedition's progress and get the latest news from their website:

Photos by Nick / ZS1ZD

Bob / KK6EK

Paul /  ZS1S makes his farewells to the team

The m/v Braveheart - loaded, provisioned and ready to go. It was formerly a Japanese research vessel

The team pose for a group photo just before departure