Wednesday, 9 January 2019

CTARC Antenna Work Party - 26 Jan '19

Hello Everyone

On Saturday, 26 January 2019, before the Monthly meeting, the club is going to have a work party to replace the two co-axial cables on our tower.

The Committee asks if members are able to help, please come to the clubhouse about 11h00 .

With appreciation,

CTARC Chairman

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

CTARC Forthcoming March Meeting - 2 March '19

The CTARC's March monthly meeting will be, as is always the case, our Mega Flea Market, which is traditionally held on the first Saturday in March. In this case, that will be Saturday, 2nd of March, 2019.

The venue will, as ever, be our clubhouse, off Laidlaw Lane in Rondebosch.

This is just to give advance notice of the event so that you all have time to:
  • decide what equipment you would like to dispose of,
  • dust off the boxes and vacuum-clean the innards of spiders,
  • start composing creative sales pitches to prospective buyers, and
  • think up equally creative rationales for your XYLs, YLs or Significant Others as to just why the numerous items you will have purchased at the event are essential items for your radio shack and have been acquired for far less than the cost of the compensatory movie tickets and restaurant meals you may well have to budget for in addition to your purchases...
If you haven't attended a CTARC Mega Flea Market, you can read about last year's one [here].

More details will be announced closer to the time.

Monday, 7 January 2019

CTARC Forthcoming Fox Hunt #2 - 23 Feb '19

Following the recent fox hunt held in December 2018, we have decided to hold another one, on Saturday, 23 February 2019 - not in March as was originally announced here.

This event will replace our usual February monthly meeting. We will meet at the CTARC clubhouse at 14h00 and kick off from there.

We are providing an early heads-up about this so that members can dig out their rusty, trusty two-metre band DF antennas and portable radios from the attic, polish them up and test them in good time.

Even if you don't have a 2m DF antenna but do have a tin can your 2m handie will fit into, bring those along and you will learn how you can use the can and your body as attenuators to get at least approximate bearings on the elusive fox's signal.

Fox hunts are great fun, and we hope as many CTARC members and friends as possible can attend this one!

Further details will be posted here in due course.

CTARC Forthcoming January Meeting - 26 Jan '19

 The CTARC will hold the first monthly meeting of this new year on Saturday 26 January 2019 at 14h00 at the usual clubhouse venue in Rondebosch.

The topic will be a "show-and-tell" format, where you can bring along one or more of your homebrew constructed projects [complete or not] to show off at the meeting. These sessions have always been very interesting and all can learn from and be inspired by the home contruction efforts of fellow radio hams.

Your project could be anything related to ham radio, as simple as a crystal set or as complex as a spectrum analyser.
Don't be shy! We would all really like to see what projects you have been busy with.

Do please arrive early to ensure your seat.

Don't forget the usual bring-'n-buy Swop Shop of amateur radio gear that takes place after the meeting. A gentle reminder to kindly remove all your non-sold items from the clubhouse after the meeting as storage space is limited.

CTARC New Membership Form for 2019

The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre continues to grow. New members are always welcomed into our sociable community!

Membership of the CTARC has many benefits, including:
  • Fellowship with like-minded radio enthusiasts and involvement in the CTARC's meetings, bulletins, radio nets and activities;
  • The CTARC's bi-monthly newsletter, Ragchew;
  • Access to people highly experienced in amateur radio technology, radio station assembly, construction and operating skills;

  • Use of the CTARC's amateur radio staton ZS1CT [for licensed radio amateurs];
  • Optional access to use the Remote-Controlled Station at Morningstar [for licensed radio amateurs];
  • Access to our regular ham radio equipment Swop Shops and car boot sales;
  • And much, much more...
Extracted here is the application form for membership of the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre for the period 2019/2020. Membership fees are detailed in the document.
Prospective members are requested to download and fill in the application form and return it to the Secretary, Anne or to hand it in to the CTARC chairman, Rob ZS1SA, at one of our monthly meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2018/2019 CTARC Application Form on our website is obsolete and will be upgraded shortly.

Download the correct Application Form PDF file [here].