Sunday, 6 March 2016

CTARC Report Back on 5 March Flea Market 3/4

More photos are at Batch 1, Batch 2 and Batch 4

Ham flea markets are definitely occasions for the whole family!

More boxes of interesting stuff!

Tony / ZS1TK acquired this magnificent Heathkit linear amplifier and PSU.
No wonder he looks pleased !

The polite enquiry, the discreet negotiation, the nod of confirmation, the soft rustle of
folding stuff, and another rig will very shortly disappear into the new owners car boot

For those fatigued with the strenuous pace of swopping Stuff
(and for those who's stations are now perfect and complete)
there was the option to sit and chew the rag with other hams.
Left to right: Dirkie / ZS1X, Avron / ZS1LA, Andrew / ZS1SBM and Dave / ZS1DFR
Miscellaneous mystery boxes for sale
ZS1PT (in red cap) had an assortment of interesting VHF antennae for sale

"Let good digestion wait upon appetite!" The hamburgers were a hit with all who attended

ZS1CM, ZS1MF and ZS1HA in conference

Cables, tables, antennas and lables !

Some test equipment, a decade switching box, a signal generator, a frequency counter,
a large coax balun. Of these things is excitement made...
On to Batch 4 of the photos