Thursday, 14 September 2017

CTARC A Request From The Secretary About Swops - 15 Sep '17

Our trusty club secretary, Anne, who kindly compiles each edition of the CTARC's monthly newsletter, Ragchew, has a fervent request.

As has been announced for years now, you can advertise your ham radio related equipment for sale (or wanted) in Ragchew. You can mention prices and include colour photos (neither of which can be done on air) in these adverts.

However, such adverts and photos MUST be submitted to Anne as e-mails (with attached photos if needed) ONLY.

Recently, people have been sending the secretary Text messages, SMS's and WhatsUpp messages containing adverts for inclusion in Ragchew. These formats of messaging risk errors of transcription, and Anne cannot transfer multimedia photos sent by smartphone either.

The secretary's contact details are here.