Saturday, 16 September 2017

CTARC Antenna Work Party Photos - 16 Sep '17

Here are photos of the Antenna Work Party held at the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre on Saturday 16 September 2017.

The report is [here].

Mike / ZS1MJT, Rob / ZS1SA and Noel / ZS1FW assess the antenna
and the morning tasks ahead

Sorting out and pricing components and gear donated from the deceased estate of
the late Eric Winter /ZS1EMC

Some of the gear that will be on sale in our September 23 meeting

Taking the coaxial inner poles of the main mast

Noel / ZS1FW (right) examines the faulty guide rail

Lem /ZS1LEM re-drills holes in the guide rail

Tapping holes in the coaxial pole of the main mast.

You can see how the storm bent the vertical multi-band antenna...

The rusty winch got a fresh coat of Hammerite

Mike & Paul start disconnecting the bent multi-band antenna

Taking the multi-band antenna down for repair