Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Report-back on September Meeting - 10 Oct '18

On Saturday 22 September 2018, the CTARC held its monthly meeting at the clubhouse. At this well-attended gathering, we were welcomed as usual by our club's chairman, Rob ZS1SA, who gave the members feedback on matters discussed at the recent September Committee Meeting held the previous Monday. Noel ZS1FW gave us feedback on the antenna work parties held to maintain and refurbish our antennas, and Rob also showed us the Fox transmitter and a DF antenna typical of those to be used in our club's forthcoming fox hunt activities.

Then we were treated to an interesting talk and slide show by Mike ZS1CO. He had the opportunity to visit family in California recently, and combined that visit with the opportunity to meet some of the US hams the CTARC had welcomed when they arrived by ship in Cape Town after their 3Y0Z Bouvet Island DX-pedition.

It was fascinating to see some of their equipment, fabulous antennas and facilities.

Following Mike's talk, Mike ZS1FP briefly showed us some ham bits and pieces he had found in his own excursions.

Then it was time for coffee, biscuits and eyeball QSO's, enlivened by recently advertised Swop Shop activities (ZS1TK's equipment featured heavily, as well as some rather nice green radios that were to be seen a little further beyond the clubhouse).

Thanks to all who took part, participated and attended the meeting. Our following monthly club meeting, held at the same venue on Saturday 27 October at 14h00 B: will include a screening of the official Heard Island DX-Pedition video, which should be well worth seeing.

Here are some photos of the meeting. We apologise for the fuzzy quality of some of them, which are obviously photos of photos projected on the wall!

The usual well-attended meeting

Noel ZS1FW gives feedback on the antenna work parties

Rob ZS1SA shows us the Fox tx

A shielded-loop DF antenna for 2m

Mike ZS1CO starts his talk with a recap of how he met the 3Y0Z team,
which provided the impetus for him to meet some of them in California later.

The 3Y0Z team and pennant at the Royal Cape Yacht Club function...

...the 3Y0Z pennant hangs on the CTARC wall now

The CV of Arnold Shatz is impressive

This rotatable az-el cluster of antennas is a "toolbox" for testing various signals

Digital activities are very much in evidence

Mike ZS1FP

Mike ZS1CO examines a surface mount resistor (...)

One of the green items that appeared at the Swop Shop after the meeting

...and yet another solidly built item