Sunday, 27 May 2018

CTARC Photos of May 2018 Meeting - 28 May '18

Here are the photos of Deon ZR1DE's talk at the CTARC on 26 May 2018. We will try and get Deon's Powerpoint slides later, which are far better than my photos of slides projected on a wall!
The text report-back is [here].

A great turnout for the meeting, representing all ages in our growing club

Rob ZS1SA opens the meeting and gives feedback on the
committee meeting

Deon ZR1DE commences his oresentation and mentions
the AMSAT SA Space Symposium

Polar and Equatorial orbits

Ground tracks help predict when and where the satellite is visible

The deployment pod that launches sets of CubeSats

The primary satellite that carries the launching pod/s

SDR Dongles have revolutionised inexpensive monitoring,
of HF through to UHF frequencies

Satellite data summarised in a graph

Data analysed by Fast Fourier Transform

Data from a single orbit. This graph shows current generated
by the satellite's photovoltaic cells

Cumulative data summarised from 4 years' worth of orbital data

Non-sun synchronous orbits affect the data collected

Deon responded to numerous questions from the audience

Ian ZS1SX examines a CubeSat frame at first hand. Note the deployable
antennas poking out the sides

After the meeting, Chris ZS1CDG shows off the foxhunting fox
he's constructing

Ever helpful, Peter ZS1PGC (centre) tests a VHF/UHF antenna for Paul ZS1S (right) with his antenna analyser.
Raising the yagi off the ground later delivered better readings.