Saturday, 3 March 2018

CTARC Photos of March Flea Market 5/5 - 3 Mar '18

5th (and final) batch of photos; The written report on the flea market is [here].
Photos of the event: [Batch 1] [Batch 2] [Batch 3] [Batch 4] Batch 5

Ian / ZS1SX's car boot...

ZS1PJB and ZS1JX discuss valve bases

Desiree / ZR1VOX  draws the raffle tickets

Kobus / ZS1K (on right) wins the Yaesu cap in the raffle

Peter / ZS1PGC (left) wins the bottle of wine

Dirkie / ZS1X, Kassie / ZR1JK and Mike / ZS1PE

We had about 24 sellers and at least 70 buyers at the event

Keverne / ZS1ABU and Lem / ZS1LEM

Paul / ZS1S and Peter / ZS1OA share a moment of contemplation
over a box of  components last encountered decades ago

John / ZS1JNT, Dirk / ZS1VDP and Celso / ZS1MYG

Not sure who these good folk are, but they sure took an interest in a
massive, heavy old Sony CRF-330K rx that sat there quietly bending gravity

John / ZS1EQ (right) expresses delight at his new acquisition to
James / ZS1ZKZ (centre)

The look of satisfaction is palpable. Now the boxes must be carried to the car

At the end of the afternoon, everyone lent a hand to tidy up
and pack things away