Friday, 16 February 2018

CTARC 3Y0Z Dxpedition Arrival in Cape Town - 16 Feb '18

The 3Y0Z DxPedition crew are expected to arrive at Cape Town harbour on Friday 16 or Saturday 17 February 2018, following their disappointing cancellation of the DxPedition to Bouvet Island, owing to poor weather on 2 February, and then a rather bumpy sea voyage up to Cape Town thereafter.

When the m/v Betanzos is docked in the harbour, it will not be possible to visit them on their ship because it will be berthed in the restricted area.

However, there will be a function for the 3Y0Z crew at the Royal Cape Yacht Club on Sunday 18 February at 12h30. Fellow radio amateurs in Cape Town are invited to meet and greet the crew members at this function, which will probably be the only chance to do so as the crew flies back home shortly thereafter. Visiting local hams will be required to pay for their own luncheon should they decide to stay and have a meal at the RCYC.

The crew will be staying at a hotel in central Cape Town and local hams will provide transport from there to the RCYC function and back on Sunday, At present we think we have enough vehicles to cope with the numbers. Thanks to Paul / ZS1S for his involvement in this opportunity for local radio hams to meet with this prestigious international DxPedition crew,

Please stay tuned to the 145.750 MHz Kanonkop Repeater for updates.

ZS1FF's ketch "Amberes" which greeted the 3Y0Z team,
about 10 nautical miles out of Cape Town harbour.
Aboard were ZS1AN, ZS1AU, ZS1FF, ZS1FJ and ZS1S

The Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre's banner, proudly displayed