Monday, 20 October 2014

CTARC Forthcoming October Meeting - 25 Oct '14

On Saturday 25 October at 14h00, the Cape Town Amateur Radio Centre will meet at the Belvedere Community Centre, off Laidlaw Lane in Rondebosch, for their monthly meeting.

We are greatly priviledged to have Dr David Hutchison joining us for this meeting. He will deliver a talk which we are sure will be well worth hearing.

He is a man of many talents and interests:

In addition to being a General Practitioner (now retired), he is a keen radio amateur and a member of the Irish Radio Transmitter Society. He's a keen DX-er, a contest operator (who has won some S A Radio League trophies in his time), as well as being the Director of the Northern Ireland Sports Shooting Federation. He has been associated with the British Olympic Sports Shooting Association for 20 years. He's also a keen digital photographer.

David is also an old Capetonian with roots in this city (his father was a dentist in Observatory). David is a regular visitor to South Africa. This time, he would like to take part in some radio contests, and will be making use of the CTARC facilities during his stay.

We look forward to meeting him on Saturday. We hope you will all make the effort to attend. All are (as ever) most welcome!