Saturday, 5 July 2014

CTARC Submitting Articles For Ragchew - Jul '14

Just a reminder that Anne, who kindly assembles our bi-monthly Ragchew newsletter, requires material to be sent to her by the 10th day of the month that the newsletter is published.

News, photos and technical articles, as well as other relevant content, are always most welcome.

Adverts to go on the Swop Shop pages are also gratefully received. The advantage of selling your amateur radio gear in Ragchew is that you can include photograph/s and provide lots more detail than would be practical to broadcast on the Swop Shop slot in the weekly CTARC Bulletin on Sundays. Ragchew is also downloaded by hams all over the country. Furthermore, prices can be mentioned, which is not the case on-air!

The contact details for CTARC are [here].