Monday, 18 June 2018

CTARC A Reminder: Annual Subs Renewal - Jun '18

Hi to all CTARC Members...

A HUGE THANK YOU to those members who have already renewed their subs for 2018 / 19.​

There will be NO increase in subs for 2018 / 19; they remain at R150-00 per Member, and R120-00 for Pensioners (over 65 years of age).

(For new members joining the CTARC, a once-off Admin fee of R50-00 applies.)

(Remember, your spouse may join the Club for 50% of your fee.)

The Renewal Form is attached [here] with all the information you need including banking details and this is your reminder to pay your 2018/2019 subs as soon as possible.

(EFT is preferred if possible please, but I will be collecting cash subs and forms at the AGM.)
Please remember, to send me proof of payment with some means of identifying that it is you how have paid (e.g. Name Callsign).

CTARC subs are due each year on 30 June, and to those members who have not let us know their intention to renew on or before the AGM, we will have to assume you wish to be removed from the membership and mailing lists.
  • Most important: If your contact details have changed, then please also update them on the Renewal Form attached and email it to me. If your contact details have not changed, you needn't e-mail it to me.

    This way we can ensure members continue to receive notifications and editions of Ragchew by e-mail.

Morningstar Remote Station:

Also available to members is our kilowatt remote base station at Morningstar.

If you would like use Morningstar and have not already subscribed, then kindly add an additional R200-00 to your membership subs which will be used toward the site rental costs at Morningstar.

Once I receive your proof of payment, I will add your name to the list and you will be given access to Morningstar until 30 June 2019.

If you require setup instructions for the use of Morningstar, please request this information in your e-mail to me at the same time.

Our Growing Club:

The Club is once again growing, with many new members having joined us this past year. At the time of writing this e-mail we are only two away from the magical 100th member!

The Club has many exciting and different events planned for the upcoming year, so please don't miss out - renew your membership now.

I will see you all on Saturday, 28 July 2018 at the AGM where you can enjoy some delicious refreshments and socialise with your friends and fellow Amateurs for a while.


(CTARC Secretary)